Praise Cathedral Worship Centre

Sunday November 18

Thanks to all those who supported the Healing and Revival services. We are eternally grateful that we had great evidence of the physical manifestation of the Holy Spirit. It is my prayer that this evidence and what we experienced will continue to hover over us. We remain at a place of expectancy as we prepare…
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Praise Contact List

Join the new Praise Cathedral e-mail contact list.┬áPlease share your personal e-mail address and contact information. The church won’t sell, transfer or give your information away, and will use your e-mail address sparingly and responsibly. Joining is easy. You can do this on your handheld if you wish.

Web site progress

the new Praise web site is visible during its development, you might want to know how it is coming together. Kevin Davis is taking the lead on the site’s development, along with Pastor Mirando Lal. Our good friend and former MPP, Bob Delaney, is helping with planning and technical aspects.