In-person events

In-person events

PCWC Women

Cautiously remaining back together

Canada has made progress with COVID-19, despite the more contagious delta variant of the virus. Gathering together (cautiously) is now in its third month since we expanded the Praise re-opening in September! More than three quarters of eligible Canadians are now fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Ontario has relaxed its restrictions steadily since summer. Your calendar likely has more open space still on it. Let’s see if some Praise Cathedral Worship Centre activity, all responsibly social-distanced, can squeeze itself onto your evening and weekend agenda.

In-person Sunday services

As noted everywhere in this web site, on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, in mid-June, Praise Cathedral Worship Centre has returned to its cautious and responsible in-person Sunday services, at 25 percent (about 300 people) of the church capacity, with pre-registration required. Check the details on this web site. Praise Sunday services continue to be streamed live over YouTube as well.

Praise Cathedral is now on Twitter

Are you following us? Praise Cathedral is now on Twitter @PraiseCWC. If you have your own personal Twitter account, then follow the Praise Cathedral Twitter account. In addition to the church’s e-newsletter, we now have Twitter for quick updates, last-minute revisions, and all the other things folks use, misuse and abuse Twitter for. We hope our followers will skip the last two of those categories, however.


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