Praise Contact List

Praise Contact List

Praise is reaching out to you

During this challenging time of COVID-19 ‘social distancing,’ close to 200 of our congregation have now joined the Praise e-mail contact list. If you are among that growing group, you received e-mails throughout the stay-home period. Your information is not shared, sold or given away. Praise only uses your contact information to send you e-mail messages that relate to our spiritual life as a congregation.

If you thought you joined, but don’t see an e-newsletter from Praise, please check your Junk folder. Sometimes e-newsletters start off being flagged as ‘false positives’ by your spam filter. In other words, you need to tell your e-mail app that Praise Cathedral is a safe sender. Then you will get Praise e-mails in your Inbox faithfully. Here’s how you (and everyone in your home) can become part of the Praise Cathedral virtual community:

  • Be complete, Fill in all the fields, please. Avoid abbreviations. Use Street instead of St., for example;
  • Use proper case. Please don’t fill in the fields in all UPPER CASE or lower case;
  • Phone number: The app asks you for your phone number in three parts: area code (i.e. 905, 647 etc.), exchange (i.e. 821, 569, 858, etc) and number (i.e. your last four digits). Don’t use brackets, hyphens or other characters when entering your digits;
  • Remember your birth date (month and day) so we can send you an annual birthday greeting;
  • First Message: Sometimes, your e-mail account may mark your messages from Praise as a false positive, or mistaken spam message. In your settings, when you get your first message, please be sure to designate it as a ‘safe sender;’
  • Check your information: A common mistake is when folks fill out the form on their phone, and misspell their own e-mail address, for example. Human fingers can be awkward instruments.

Subscribing is easy

Navigate your web browser to:, or

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