Pastor’s Message

Pastor’s Message

As we journey through the Passion Week, we reflect on the greatest demonstration of love one could ever experience. Oh how Jesus redefined what the cross meant. From a symbol of disgrace to grace, from death to life more abundant.

As we reflect, we will be engaged in a time of prayer and fasting starting Wednesday April 17 – Friday April 19. We will continue to focus our prayers on ‘Renewal & Revival’, while we also maintain a heart of gratitude for the Saviour’s love.

We will meet Wednesday April 17 at 10am and 8pm and return Friday April 19 at 10am where we will end the fast with communion.

Please invite friends and family to join you in worship as we celebrate the ✝️ = ❤️.

See you in church.

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  1. Esther Campbell Phillips says:

    Morning Praise! Please inform me on events that are taking place at church. God is truly amazing in all aspects of our lives. Let love be the fuel to our fires. I am grateful to be a member of PCWC where I am taught the word of God. I appreciate Bishop L. Walker, Rev. Dorette Walker, Rev. M Lal, Rev G. Wilson for their support to all members of PCWC. We appreciate the love, commitment, compassion that has been demonstrated towards us. Thank you all for your authenticity. I pray to God to continue to bless us all. I love you all.

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