Women’s Discipleship

Empowerment through sisterhood

Leader: First Lady Dorett Walker

Welcome to Ladies Ministry, our doors are opened! We warmly invite you to join us, as we meet twice monthly through fellowship in songs, praise, laughter and unity.

Motto: Through sisterhood we can and will empower ourselves with daily life experiences, knowing the foundation in which we stand is solid.

Ladies Ministry represents the faces of many generations; grandmothers, mothers, sisters and daughters. Therefore, our aim is to have a variety of sessions within the sanctuary and around the community in which all are able to participate, building strong relationships between ladies, providing networking, and supporting the needs of our ladies both spiritually and socially.

  • Socially through: Ladies Retreat, Bus Trips, Cultural & History Celebration.
  • Spiritually through: Biblical Reading, Praying and Fellowship.

We are so very thankful that you were able to visit with us via web today.

Perhaps there is something heavy on your heart and you need spiritual uplifting and encouragement. Please know that our prayers are with you. Have a blessed day!!


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