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Our year of COVID-19 at Praise Cathedral has been one of worship-at-home. In September, Praise Cathedral had welcomed back some worshippers at reduced capacity and with social distancing, mandatory masks and pre-registration for each service to enable contact tracing should it ever be necessary. Effective November 9, Peel Region has asked places of worship to suspend in-person services until the autumn COVID-19 surge of cases has subsided. Praise Cathedral will immediately comply.

Praise Cathedral Sunday services and Wednesday Bible Study continue through through the web on YouTube Live.

Our Praise congregation attends in impressive numbers via YouTube Live each Sunday, and we have learned to make our donations over the web using our credit or debit card. Let’s recap, in case this is your first visit to this page:

  • Sunday service airs at 11:00 a.m. each week on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or even your cell phone. You can project the broadcast from your computer or handheld device to many flat-screen TVs, and get broadcast-quality church services. Our church will be kept safe and secure during this stay-home period by the spirits of those who have celebrated with us, and now rest in the arms of the Lord;
  • Once in-person services resume, we will again safely attend Sunday services by pre-registering on the web. Read more here. The church operates at a much-reduced capacity, as described above. The need to pre-register for each week’s service allows as many as possible of our congregation to experience a live service from time to time in a safe and secure environment;
  • No worshipper attending Praise in-person services has contracted COVID-19. Our safety measures at Praise go a lot further than those in place at the retail places you shop, and are similar to those when visiting a clinic or doctor’s office;
  • Bible Study at Praise continues each Wednesday live on the web at 8:00 p.m. on the Praise YouTube Live channel.

If you are having any issues seeing the Sunday service or Bible Study broadcast, or want to watch full-screen, here is the direct YouTube link:

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