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The good news for our Praise Cathedral congregation attended in-person services is that no attendee at Praise has contracted COVID-19 while we returned to socially-distanced services from September. The bad news is that COVID-19 cases in Peel Region have grown sharply, and the Region has been ordered by the Premier to restrict religious gathering to a maximum of 10 people. Therefore, we are returning to virtual services only. effective November 29 until further notice.

COVID-19 remains a deadly threat. We can become infected in the second wave as easily as the first. The serious and lingering after-effects of the virus are now becoming clear. There will never be a ‘right time’ to let down our guard, during this period. Individually, as families, and as groups of friends, we need to remain vigilant, and in many cases, remain apart. It’s hard. We miss each other. But it’s necessary. If the world could manage to wear masks, socially distance, and practice frequent hand-washing during the Spanish Flu epidemic a century ago – without modern medicine and today’s computer technology – then we surely can do as well ourselves in the 21st century as we await a vaccine from modern medicine.

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  1. Esther says:

    I am grateful to our Bishop Lennox Walker and First Lady/ Rev. Dorette Walker, Minister Lal, Minister Wilson, Minister Ponto by being servants to God.
    Bishop is impacting us every Sunday with wisdom, knowledge, understanding the word of God. I was enjoying worshiping in the sanctuary and now due to covid 19 pandemic surge we have to return to watching service on YouTube. I am not happy with this decision, but we have no choice. I appreciate all the efforts that the volunteers, praise and worshippers, musicians, technicians, ushers, security guards has done to accommodate us. God bless us all as we continue to do our best through covid 19. God is in control. I love you all. We must continue to pray without ceasing for every nations, countries on earth. 🙏🏽🙌🏿❤

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