Christmas 2020

Christmas 2020

A warm Merry Christmas wish in a challenging year

It’s been a challenging, even hard, year in 2020. We will remember the year for making us stronger: as individuals, as a community, and as families and friendship circles. Everyone will be changed by 2020. Christmas this year will be a reflective feast. Click or tap the image above to see the Praise Christmas slide show.

The leap year of 2020 began with a foreboding cloud of a mysterious virus suspected of jumping from animals to humans in an outdoor market in Wuhan, China. It went downhill from there. As we approach the celebration of the birth of Christ (Christmas), with the prospect of a vaccine that will protect those whom God has shielded from the virus, we face a Christmas season unlike any other, anyone still alive has ever experienced.

We have been challenged but we remained courageous as a church in our response. We look forward to the end with the resolution it will take to endure perhaps another half-year of what has kept us safe, secure and alive so far: face masks, social distancing, diligent hand-washing and the chance to come together in our families and close circles.

We will remain apart as a congregation for a while longer, even as we come closer together in spirit. We will remain resolute and tenacious, passing our courage and determination to those within both our personal and virtual orbits. Mostly, we will do as God would have us do: survive first and foremost; and emerge from this trial stronger than we were when we began, with our faith in God’s grace and mercy forged in the fire of crisis.

Through the help of modern science, this long night of the pandemic will be at its most dangerous just before the dawn of the return to life in 2021.

Merry Christmas. A happy, healthy, fulfilling and hopeful year of 2021 awaits. Don’t just keep the faith brothers and sisters, spread it around! Christmas not Cancelled!


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