Week of April 19

Week of April 19

Praise on-line is working

A global pandemic is a new challenge for both churches and believers. A century ago, during the Spanish flu epidemic, the world had neither the medical tools it has now, nor the communications ability to connect with people the way we do now. We at Praise Cathedral Worship Centre seem to be adapting well, staying home, and believing in God.

Drive-through food bank

Praise Cathedral is running an ongoing food drive, asking folks to donate non-perishable food items. It’s a drive-through donation, at the back of the church.

  • Donations: Drop off your donations at any time in the barrel at the parking lot entrance to the church;
  • Pickups: Those in need of food, please come by the church on Thursday evenings from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. to receive a box of groceries.

On-line donations

We have created an online giving platform called Malachi 3:10. This is a secure form of giving where your card information is not stored on our system. In the next coming weeks, this app will be available in both Apple and Android app stores. Only Praise Cathedral will have access to the profile information entered. You are able to use your credit card or Visa / Master debit card to donate.

Request a prayer

In challenging times, or any times, people sometimes need a prayer. If you, or someone you know or love, needs to have a prayer said, ask the Praise liturgical team to pray for you, for someone you know, for someone who needs help, or for something that needs to happen. It is a new feature on the Praise website.

Saluting frontline workers

What a sacrifice our frontline workers are making to serve our communities. We would like to thank you for your service and we continue to pray for you and your family. You are surely our heroes during this time.

Watch Praise together

Andrene Bryan sent this lovely photo of her family staying home during the COVID-19 stay-at-home period.
Andrene Bryan sent this lovely photo of her family staying home during the COVID-19 stay-at-home period.

Last Easter Sunday, for our service, nearly 700 separate people tuned into to our YouTube Live feed. In the last week, our web broadcasts generated more than 2,300 separate views. Our Praise web site visitor number has grown from about 335 visitors per week in March to nearly 3,000 today.

Enjoying the Praise Bible Study and/or the Sunday service? Please share a short video greeting clip (20 seconds) of your family to the Praise Family, or please share a photo of yourself or your family watching our live stream on Sundays or Wednesdays.

  • E-mail your photos and videos to: webmaster@praisecathedral.ca;
  • These images may be used at different times during our broadcast or on our website;
  • Be sure to note that Praise is permitted to use your photo and/or video.

Praise weekly e-news

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YouTube Live webcasts

See you on-line for Sunday services at 11:00 a.m., and weekly Wednesday Bible Study at 8:00 p.m.

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